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Any plant of the genus Rheum (family Polygonaceae), especially R. rhaponticum, garden rhubarb, and R. officinale or R. palmatum; the last two species or their hybrids, deprived of periderm tissues, dried, and powdered, are used for their astringent, tonic and laxative effects.


1. Any of several plants of the genus Rheum, especially R. rhabarbarum, having long edible green or reddish leafstalks that are usually cooked and sweetened. Also called pie plant.
2. A preparation made from the dried rhizomes and roots of any of several plants of the genus Rheum, especially R. palmatum or R. officinale of East Asia, used as a laxative.


n Latin name:
Rheum palmatum; parts used: roots, root bark; uses: laxative, constipation; precautions: patients with appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, intestinal inflammatory conditions; heart or kidney conditions; patients taking laxatives or heart medications; avoid long-term use. Also called
China rhubarb, Indian rhubarb, Russian rhubarb, or
Turkey rhubarb.


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Drain off most of the Ingredients Serves 4 duck legs, skin on A big bunch of rosemary 4 garlic cloves 1 glass medium sweet white wine 8 peppercorns Salt Pepper 6 stalks of rhubarb, five chopped into 1in chunks, the remaining stalk chopped into a fine dice fat that will have rendered (melted down) off the legs and remove the rosemary.
It's incredibly special, and so unique that in 2010 it was awarded a Protected Destination Of Origin (PDO) from the European Union, defining Yorkshire forced rhubarb as a specific product, not to be found anywhere else.
Rhubarb Fool has to be up there amongst the nation's favourite puddings.
We do not know the reason they took Rhubarb, but one of the fears is he could have been taken as bait for dog fighting.
Dessert: Rhubarb souffle with rhubarb and ginger crumble, caramelised almonds and rhubarb coulis.
I'm going to make a rhubarb pie tomorrow," I informed Marge.
Chino Otsuka's digitally manipulated double self-portrait, chosen by Johan Sjostrom of the Gothenburg Art Museum, was featured in a group show of British photography in Sweden, while two photographers have had work bought by the Victoria & Albert Museum as a direct result of attending Rhubarb.
We inherited a patch of rhubarb in our garden and, without fail, it pops up every spring in abundance.
Growers warned there were likely to be shortages of English rhubarb over the next few weeks and that retailers would have to plug the gaps on shelf with Dutch product.
Reduce heat; cook and stir until thickened and rhubarb is tender.
FORGET school dinners of sour stewed rhubarb in barely sweetened lumpy custard - rhubarb is making a comeback.