rheumatoid disease

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resembling rheumatism.
rheumatoid disease rheumatoid arthritis with emphasis on nonarticular changes, e.g., pulmonary interstitial fibrosis, pleural effusion, and lung nodules.

rheu·ma·toid dis·ease

rheumatoid arthritis, referring particularly to nonarticular lesions such as subcutaneous nodules.
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In some countries, CVD risk management in patients with rheumatoid diseases is uncommon.
In addition, CK19 autoantibody was found in certain rheumatoid diseases in our preliminary results and was thus included.
The prevalence of physician-diagnosed rheumatoid disease in this survey was calculated as nine out of 84 responses, or 10.
Wyburn-Mason was probably wrong in claiming discovery of a single-source causation for rheumatoid diseases, he did serendipitously uncover a class of drugs that often modified the diseases rather than simply hiding their symptoms.
With or without early arthritis clinics, in an ideal world, rheumatologists would work with primary care doctors to educate them about the signs and symptoms of early RA, encourage them to seek referrals for possible rheumatoid diseases, and partner with them to provide appropriate, thorough care for patients over the long term, Dr.
In the wake of Merck's announcement Pfizer affirmed the safety of their COX-2 inhibitor and European regulators stated that they will now be looking at other COX-2 inhibitors more carefully, impacting on newer agents such as Merck's Arcoxia, and Novartis' Prexige; and others are suggesting that now is the time to push forward other therapeutic classes that can reduce the pain of osteoarthritis such as the NO-NSAIDs and LOX/COX inhibitors as well as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid disease modifying agents.
Although the exact mechanism is unknown, oral gammaglobulin delivered to the small intestine is thought to act at an initiation site of rheumatoid disease and stop the progression of the disease.
Although the exact mechanism is unknown, orally delivered immunoglobulin may act at an initiation site of rheumatoid disease and stop its progression instead of merely suppressing symptoms.
Nevertheless, Schewe says, "biologics have certainly brought substantial improvement in therapy for inflammatory rheumatoid diseases.
Common Causes & Management of Ocular Pain in the Optometric Practice," "Clinical Updates in Ophthalmology," "Florida Jurisprudence 2015," and "Ocular Manifestations of Rheumatoid Diseases.
Due to its accurate and important data, the results of the study will be presented in the European conference on rheumatoid diseases to be hosted by Rome in June, she said.

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