rheumatic carditis

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rheu·mat·ic car·di·tis

pancarditis occurring in rheumatic fever, characterized by formation of Aschoff bodies in the cardiac interstitial tissue; may be associated with acute cardiac failure, endocarditis with small fibrin vegetations on the margins of closure of valve cusps (especially the mitral), and fibrinous pericarditis; it is frequently followed by scarring of the valves.

rheumatic carditis

Etymology: Gk, rheuma, flux, kardia, heart, itis, inflammation
pericarditis, myocarditis, and endocarditis that may be associated with acute rheumatic fever.

rheumatic carditis

Inflammation of any part of the heart resulting from rheumatic fever. The commonest type is rheumatic endocarditis in which the heart lining, and especially one or more heart valves, are involved.

rheumatic carditis (roomat´ik),

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Valve insufficiencies and stenosis result from fibrosis of the valves, which occurs because of the inflammation in patients with rheumatic carditis (4, 5).
In future, TnC may be able to be used in therapeutic strategies, once its role in the pathogenesis of rheumatic carditis is better understood.
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