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Generic name for Macaca mulatta.
[Mod. L., fr. L. Rhesus, G. Rhesos, a mythical king of Thrace]
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Epidemiology of Cercopithecine herpesvirus 1 (B virus) infection and shedding in a large breeding cohort of rhesus macaques.
Work continues to create specific pathogen-free rhesus colonies for research; in the meantime, laboratory personnel are kept well informed and every attempt is made to avoid transmission.
In rhesus monkeys, pruning during late brain maturation has been confirmed by Goldman-Rakic and collaborators (90-93) through their studies on cortical synaptogenesis from embryogenesis to adulthood.
The Penn study compared changes induced by SIV infection on the overall profile of gene expression in two species of monkeys: rhesus macaques, which undergo an AIDS-like disease when infected with SIV, and sooty mangabeys, which, in stark contrast, remain AIDS-free despite life-long infection.
Pathogenesis of Rill Valley fever in rhesus monkeys: role of interferon response.
His blood has been given to thousands O rhesus negative kids, whose systems come under attack from their own mothers' antibodies in the womb.
Professor Katze, head of the Primate Genomics Division, developed the first commercial rhesus macaque-specific oligonucleotide microarray in fall 2004, collaborating with Agilent.
They then examined whether infants preferentially attended to the human faces when human vocalizations were presented (two Japanese single words "nasu" and "haiiro"), and whether infants preferentially attended to the rhesus faces when rhesus vocalizations (a coo and a gekker call) were presented.
The bee test was a two-option version of a memory test in which rhesus monkeys can distinguish more options.
In December 1994, a truckload of about 80 rhesus monkeys infected with herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis and tuberculosis was stopped on a routine traffic violation near Miami en route to a New Mexico lab, which is currently under federal investigation for suspicious animal deaths.
NASDAQ:SQNM) today announced that the Company will conduct a multi-center fetal Rhesus D (RhD) genotype study at centers affiliated with the North American Fetal Therapy Network (NAFTNet), a nonprofit research network with expertise in the care for pregnancies at high risk of complex fetal disorders.
00 (monolonalni diagnostic reagents for blood group systomamy ABO, Rhesus, kell antibodies and immune Hrupotest) "or equivalent) Lot 2" Reagents for blood grouping code DKPP 21.