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rewards, a motivation technique to improve patient compliance with oral hygiene protocols, generally used with young patients.
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Since we cannot hope for reward, let us be content with what we have.
And would you not recognize a third class, such as gymnastic, and the care of the sick, and the physician's art; also the various ways of money-making--these do us good but we regard them as disagreeable; and no one would choose them for their own sakes, but only for the sake of some reward or result which flows from them?
We will suppose, for argument's sake, that the first reward is advertised and the second offered by private letter to pawnbrokers and--"
The thief would not suspect that there was a trap, and he would bring or send the knife, and say he bought it for a song, or found it in the road, or something like that, and try to collect the reward, and be arrested--wouldn't he?
I know very well that there was no idea of offering a reward yesterday afternoon.
I do not know whether the reward will help you very much," the Home Secretary continued.
this is my sorrow: into the basis of things have reward and punishment been insinuated--and now even into the basis of your souls, ye virtuous ones!
To have the white giant sleeping peacefully in one of his own huts would greatly facilitate the matter of earning the reward, and so the chief was urgent in his suggestions that Tarzan, doubtless being very much fatigued after his travels, should retire early to the comforts of the anything but inviting palace.
M'ganwazam is determined to win the reward the white man has offered.
But what shall I give you as a reward to begin with?
What reward shall be meted to John Carter in accordance with the acts he has committed?
If you or the Baron attempts to hurry me out of this world, or to deprive me of my thousand pounds reward, I shall tell the doctor where he will find a few lines of writing, which describe your ladyship's plot.