reversible reaction

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re·ver·si·ble re·ac·tion

a chemical reaction that takes place in either direction, that is, from the forward or reverse direction; ionization is such a reaction, as are reactions involving racemases, isomerases, mutases, transferases, etc.
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With the increase of the conversion, the concentration of THPA decreases, which leads to the reversible reaction at the first step move to the left hand.
This shape has been found also for a reversible reaction [47].
Finally, an isoconversional method is used to study the characteristic dependencies of apparent activation energy on conversion level by showing two different kinetic schemes: a reversible reaction followed by an irreversible reaction characteristic for Mequinenza coal and a reversible reaction characteristic for Utrillas coal and Ribesalbes oil shales.
Polymers that behave as individual long chain molecules at elevated temperatures and have a crosslinked structure at low temperatures are based on the inherent reversible reaction of compounds synthesized from an aromatic molecule containing a labile hydrogen entity, and another molecule having isocyanate functionality.
The esterification of acids with alcohols is a reversible reaction with a well-known mechanism (1, 2) Two reaction mechanisms through a tetrahedral intermediate and acyl-oxygen cleavage BAc-2 and AAc-2 are most common and require a nucleophilic attack of a hydroxylic nucleophile on the carbonyl double bond of the carboxylic or protonated carboxylic group.
It catalyzes the reversible reaction involving the hydration of carbon dioxide and the dehydration of carbonic acid.
It cannot describe reversible reactions accurately and it is also not suitable for very low and very high concentrations.
Eight patients experienced reversible reactions following the first infusion that were characterized as red face, hives, itching and throat discomfort.