retroviral vector

ret·ro·vi·ral vec·tor

a specially constructed retrovirus containing one or more genes to correct certain genetic disorders.
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Another inherited immune disorder, ADA deficiency has been successfully treated with a retroviral vector that delivers a functional copy of the ADA gene.
The MazF retroviral vector for this study is manufactured at the GMP compliant Center for Cell and Gene Therapy Facility of Takara Bio (Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan).
It is also possible to <<reprogram>> autologous T lymphocytes via transduction with a retroviral vector that carries TCRs specific for defined tumor antigens.
Construction of recombinant retroviral vectors and retroviral transduction: The recombinant Moloney murine leukaemia virus based retroviral vector pLTKSN was constructed as described earlier (11).
In this report, a hammerhead ribozyme targeted to HIV-1 vif was designed and cloned into the retroviral vector, pSuper.
Germ-line transmission of pseudotyped retroviral vector in chicken.
Methods: We have transduced A549 cells to express hOgg1 using the retroviral vector pSF91 for studying the signaling transduction of MAPK.
In that trial, which tested the use of a retroviral vector to treat patients with X-SCID, immune function was restored in most patients.
Analysis of Testes and Semen from Rabbits Treated by Intravenous Injection with a Retroviral Vector Encoding the Human Factor VIII Gene: No Evidence of Germ Line Transduction," Human Gene Therapy 11, no.
The application of an efficient retroviral vector serves as an important tool in gene therapy and genetic analysis of a variety of genes.