retrospective review

retrospective review,

a posttreatment assessment of services on a case-by-case or aggregate basis after the services have been performed.
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the retrospective review of the prescription data of hospital pharmacies and sle must be agreed between the contractor and the ag.
The study took a retrospective review of all civil victims sent from Yemen to Oman after the March 2015 bombings in two mosques of Sanaa that killed 137 people of whom 14 were children.
In this retrospective review, 556 eyes representing 535 patients (291 males 244 females), who had pterygium excision (527 primary, 29 recurrent) were treated with adjunctive cryopreserved amniotic membrane (Amniograft).
Second, in a retrospective review of healthy young women being treated for acne with spironolactone, the hyperkalemia rate was no higher than in a matched control group.
Continuing the retrospective review of its rules, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority requested comment Monday on its rules governing outside business activities and private securities transactions.
The research that currently exists isn't enough to completely undermine the "omniscient agency" narrative that regulatory proponents (and sometimes the courts) profess, but sound retrospective review is steadily building the case that agencies routinely rely on flawed assumptions and make unreliable projections.
Fewer than one-third of adolescent females prescribed a teratogenic medication were counseled about, prescribed, or referred for contraception, according to a retrospective review of data from a single academic pediatric medical center.
Some level of retrospective review is required to recapture lost revenue.
Retrospective review of necropsy records and increased sampling led to the identification of several cases of E coli with the attaching and effacing (eae) virulence gene.
This retrospective review study is authored by two acute care nurse practitioners (ACNP), three medical physicians (MDs), and one doctor of osteopathy (DO).
We conducted a retrospective review to identify the characteristics of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak in patients who had undergone septoplasty and in selected patients who had experienced a spontaneous CSF leak.
Sixty spinal cord injury patients are the subject of this initial retrospective review.