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The act or process of surveying and reviewing the past.
[retro- + L. specto, pp. spectatus, to look at]
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In Retrospections of America, John Bernard also describes seeing a horse race in the South.
One might recall that this is just as John Bernard claimed was true in Retrospections of America.
Describing the vehemence with which Southerners hate and fear Yankees, in Retrospections of America, John Bernard says:
John Bernard's work, Retrospections of America, says that 'the Yankee cheats .
58) This Yankee--and his bag of tricks--must have come straight from Retrospections of America.
Eventually, her family confined her to a single room where, apparently, she wrote this four-volume manuscript account of her life--a book to which she gave the poignant and melancholy title "A Help to Memory or Retrospections of an Outcast.
Dorothea Herbert is an underrated writer--but this welcome reissue of her Retrospections should help bring her entertaining account of eighteenth-century Ireland to a wider audience.