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The act or process of surveying and reviewing the past.
[retro- + L. specto, pp. spectatus, to look at]
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Kieran Setiya recently discussed retrospection as a preference between "world-histories.
Although the limitations of the method will be acknowledged, the use of retrospection yielded interesting data that can help enhance language-specific interpreter training.
At this point, the score just avoids vulgarity by adopting a topping which, again with retrospection, harkens back to the world of Respighi's Pines of Rome.
In retrospection the specifications of the Ascend Mate 2, 4G LTE, it is a 6.
But in the harsh light of retrospection, even the most mundane occurrences take on an air of ominous foreshadowing.
In what way has all this retrospection and that averagely dreary Rahul Gandhi interview (which is the cherry on the irresponsible TV media onslaught on the national intelligence) helped India move on?
To this day New Years remains a vital part of the American way of life, signifying a time of retrospection, while at the same time symbolizing progress and renewal.
The 110 pictures have been taken by France Presse photo reporters all over the world and are presented as a retrospection of local issues.
EAEuvre de grande qualite esthetique, [beaucoup moins que]Algerie, ma liberte[beaucoup plus grand que] est a la fois une retrospection sur notre histoire collective et un hommage a ces nombreux lyceens et etudiants qui ont sacrifie etudes et avenir pour liberer leur pays du harnais colonial.
We made our stance clarified to them (western powers) and told them that the text of negotiations of Group 5+1 should be shaped according to the realities of today and not with retrospection," Larijani said Friday upon his arrival at the Mehrabad airport in Tehran returning from a six-day trip to the European countries.
Ehrlich, the author of The Solace of Open Spaces as well as novels, poetry and other nonfiction, puts her considerable skill to work in Facing the Wave, which blends observation and retrospection gleaned from travels with friends and guides.
The change in Chinese leadership may have triggered this retrospection on the usefulness of North Korea as a regional ally based purely on ideology.