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The act or process of surveying and reviewing the past.
[retro- + L. specto, pp. spectatus, to look at]
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Something magical happens when you share your experience with other Retrospect members.
REtroSPECT "Flying Higher Tour 2015" is supported by National Office Supply of Guam, Gold's Gym and 357 Boracay.
You can only really enjoy it in retrospect when you realise you didn't die and it was quite an amazing thing to do," he added.
He added: "We put in place a large amount of investment, a certain amount of reform, probably one can say in retrospect that I would have pushed the reform faster and further.
The dream: To one day dance at a Retrospect beach party in Thailand, Miami or even MoS home, The Elephant and Castle.
Many existing Retrospect sites, as well as small businesses that have either outgrown Time Machine or that wish to centralize their backups, might only have a PowerPC-based Mac to utilize as a Retrospect backup server.
EMC Corporation, a leader in information infrastructure solutions, has announced the launch of Retrospect 8.
Worldwide Computer Products News-6 January 2009-EMC releases Retrospect 8.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-6 January 2009-EMC releases Retrospect 8.
Today's announcement marks the first time that EMC-owned brands and market leaders Iomega, Retrospect and Mozy have united to offer consumers a single integrated hardware and software solution for nearline and online backup.
In retrospect, we should have started logistics planning much sooner.
Biblical Theology: Retrospect & Prospect, edited by Scott J.