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question can be problematised further and shown as a retrojection from within literature intimate to us that the ground, in its groundlessness, remains contingent and that the obsession with grounding, though not entirely useless, remains entirely so, unless it awakens to the contingency and, in that, gets transformed.
In his retrojection, Fitzmyer proposes that Jesus would have used the Aramaic word bisri for body (Mk 14:22; Lk 22:19b) and the Aramaic demi (Mk 14:24) or bidmi (Lk 22:20) for "my blood.
78) With regard to human origins, the de novo creation of Adam is an ancient origins science based on the retrojection of an ancient phenomenological perspective of taxonomy.
to synchronizing charges brought against Jews and heterodox Christians, the retrojection of this more developed definition of "faith" onto the Jews of the gospel accounts is unsurprising.
Retrojection of the modern world's preoccupation with "communication" back into the period prior to (relatively) cheap printing and paper is an anachronism.
All our liturgical texts come from centuries later, and it is only by force of conjecture and retrojection that we make them speak for the first centuries of the common era.
In particular, the notion of creating plants and animals "after their/its kinds" in Genesis 1 reflects the retrojection of an ancient phenomenological perspective of living organisms.
That historiographic lapse is a retrojection of a post-Chalcedonian expression onto a pre-Chalcedonian conversation.
21) In temporal terms, this figuration is thus both a projection and a retrojection, a fact that Ambrose makes clear at De mysteriis 4.
More generally, retrojection of later textual sources, in the past a frequent approach for the classical world, was also attacked.
His exegesis of the data is meticulous, avoiding any sort of retrojection.
Where there are few corroborating transmission chains and ample incentive for the pseudepigraphical creation of prescriptive precedents, we have no way conclusively to distinguish many reports recalling historical Umayyad and pre-Umayyad events from instrumentalized retrojections of the 'Abbasid period.