retrograde P wave

ret·ro·grade P wave

the P wave pattern in the electrocardiogram representing retrograde depolarization of the atria, the impulse spreading from the AV junction or the lower atrium upward.
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19 seconds, and a ventricular premature complex with a retrograde P wave that reset the sinus node (Figure).
Close inspection again is the key and reveals that immediately following each premature wide QRS complex, there is a retrograde P wave that resets the sinus node and causes the ensuing P'-P interval to be longer than the usual P-P interval.
Because the sinus rhythm is fixed to the parasystolic rhythm by the retrograde P waves that reset the sinus node, as long as the parasystolic rate and the sinus rate each remain constant, which is not unusual for short intervals, the parasystolic impulses will appear to be coupled to the sinus impulses (1).
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