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Major Finding: Retroflexion in the right colon identified 68 polyps that were missed on a standard forward view in 58 colonoscopy patients.
Data Source: An observational study of retroflexion in the proximal colon in 1,000 consecutive patients.
This led us to raise the question how far one can take the concept of MOD constraints: can it be extended to gemination, retroflexion and voicing?
11 This meaning of the term strong retroflexion follows Schiffman (1975: 82-83) and refers to the fact that assimilation in Dravidian languages is almost always to the retroflex articulation.
But such a discussion must be reserved for another paper and does not properly enter into our present topic of the basic stages in the development of the Indo-Aryan feature of distinctive retroflexion.
I propose too that surviving instances of laterals in the same position and context as the nasal of this rule were subject to the same retroflexion.
In the case of syllables having retroflex initials, retroflexion - that is, the retraction of the apex of the tongue to the post-alveolar or palatal region - would have the same effect.
Like the feature of pharyngealization, retroflexion also impeded the development of palatalization but had a different set of effects on initial consonants and vocalism.