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Khalaf intuitionistic fuzzy retracts, International journal of logic and intelligent system, 5(1) (2005), 40-45
If there is no reason to doubt the validity of the findings or the reliability of the data it is not appropriate to retract a publication solely on the grounds of an authorship dispute.
In a statement, he said: "I regret and wish to retract my comment regarding corruption.
After unsuccessful attempts to retract the boom -- a long arm extended from its rear -- the aircraft made an emergency landing at the base in neighboring Gifu at 4 p.
Waiting so long to retract information provides the opportunity for publication, and the possibility that those who read information contained in the first release may not see the retraction.
Federal records show at least seven cases dating back to the 1990s when A320s couldn't retract their nose landing gear because the wheels turned sideways.
Archbishop Meagher needs to retract his statement just as the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops needs to retract its 1968 "Winnipeg Statement.
Arms are extended during normal use and retract when a valid card signal is received.
I first learned from the squadron duty officer that, despite multiple attempts and emergency procedures, the aircrew could not retract the hose and basket assembly.
I retract the remarks I made here (Tuesday) that a city council of Samawah existed,'' Koizumi told the lower house's plenary session Thursday.
Certified by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and 3A, the InTrac798 assures process engineers of a truly hygienic process connection and the ability to retract the sensor without stopping or otherwise disrupting an active process.
Rhomboids (major and minor): Retract and stabilize scapula.