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As a result Harrison is unlikely to box again this year and that represents a major financial body blow to the champ, who has fought just twice in 2005, one a controversial draw with Victor Polo and the other four-round retiral of Michael Brodie.
BIG BUILD-UP Capello, above, has turned to Steven Gerrard, main picture, as skipper following the demotion of John Terry, pictured inset right with Rooney, and the retiral of left-back Wayne Bridge, left.
With JP looking for a contracted rider after AP McCoy's retiral, it's an interesting move.
Brazilian apprentice Silvestre de Sousa is making a name for himself this season and he was once again seen to good effect when he took the Jim McKerrell Retiral Handicap on River Logic.
I think you rushed into it and Summer 2004, after Scotland have starred in the Euro Championship finals, would be a more suitable retiral date.
Leighton, who remains committed to the Dons, said: "The reasons for my retiral from the international scene are, and will remain, personal
nMOST lenders won't arrange a mortgage which goes past retiral age.
Tait then confirmed his championship retiral after starring in one of the greatest contests in Five Nations' history.
The Aberdeen striker has recovered from severed knee ligaments and is delighted next Tuesday's match with Villarreal is his testimonial and not a retiral benefit.
Since the retiral of Cardinal Gray in 1985, Thomas Winning was the President of the Scottish Bishops' Conference.
I WAS with the ambulance service from 1969 until my recent retiral.
If you encash at a later date when your tax position has changed - for instance, on retiral - then you may only pay basic rate tax when the proceeds are brought back to the UK.