retinol-binding protein

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ret·i·nol-·bind·ing pro·tein

a plasma protein that binds and transports retinol.

ret·i·nol-bind·ing pro·tein

(RBP) (ret'i-nol-bīnd'ing prō'tēn)
A carrier protein for transporting retinols to the liver.
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Serum retinol-binding protein and cellular retinol-binding protein (CRBPs) respectively is the extracellular and intracellular retinol binding protein (Guo et al.
2]-microglobulin, retinol-binding protein, and [[alpha].
A highly-specific receptor for the retinol-binding protein (RBP) is expressed in human placental brush border membranes and may regulate retinol uptake through binding of holo-RBP (17), which, in turn, would control the accumulation of retinol in the placenta and its transfer to the foetus as was shown by experiments with human perfused placenta (18).
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In case-patient 4, the blood level of retinol-binding protein was 0.
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