retinal image

ret·i·nal im·age

a real image formed on the retina.
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The findings suggest that a simple retinal image could one day help understand the health of a patient's blood vessels, key to cardiovascular health.
OD location candidates are identified by using RGB red channel, color retinal image more tends to be saturated.
The study of 142,018 images from 20,258 consecutive patients reviewed three CE marked automated retinal image analysis software solutions for effectiveness and cost- effectiveness.
The partnership includes sharing knowledge to further research in the field of retinal image analysis and help develop non-invasive and convenient health monitoring and early disease identification.
Therefore, the important features will be remaining in the retinal image and can be used to detect DR disease automatically.
1) Retinal image is easy to snap, but manually diagnosing a result is of high cost.
Morphological methods examine the geometric vessel-like structure of retinal image by probing it with small patterns called structuring elements (SE) of predefined size and shape.
This research proposes on automatically finding the location of Optic Disc (OD) in the retinal image using the Hough transform.
It is no doubtless that image enhancement is a necessary preprocessing step if the original retinal image is not a good candidate for the clinicians [6-9].
Less change in vessels pattern during life, high security, more reliability and stability are important feature which exist in retinal image [2-3] .
of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, developed a new diagnostic tool, the Telemedical Retinal Image Analysis and Diagnosis (TRIAD) system that enables effective, low-cost DR screening of patients from the office of their primary care physician.
How does one get from the retinal image to visually guided action?