retinal image

ret·i·nal im·age

a real image formed on the retina.
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About EyeArt(TM) EyeArt is Eyenuk's first product, a state-of-the-art retinal image analysis software suite intended to efficiently screen for preventable blindness within the growing population with diabetes.
Less change in vessels pattern during life, high security, more reliability and stability are important feature which exist in retinal image [2-3] .
How does one get from the retinal image to visually guided action?
The function of the VOR is to provide an equal but opposite movement of the eyes to the head so that one maintains a stable retinal image.
The retinal image can be recorded and then compared with previous images to look for changes, interpretation is easier and it makes obtaining a second opinion a possibility.
Nondigital retinal images took too much time to send back and forth, so the specialist will examine the patient's digital retinal images, which are taken by the optometrist with a digital retinal image camera and stored on the hospital's dedicated images server, and within minutes can reply back to the patient or the optometrist with a diagnosis," Hammami says.
After seeing each work's doppelganger, one can see the whole exhibition as if walking on the ceiling, by donning Upside-Down Goggles, 1994/2004, Holler's homage to George Stratton's 1897 research on vision without the natural inversion of the retinal image.
DNA fingerprinting, retinal image identification, and tracking of animals using global positioning satellites, are among the high tech options for livestock traceability systems being taken seriously in at least some parts of the meat industry.
Health Discovery Corporation (OTCBB: HDVY), a molecular diagnostics leader in the use of patent protected advanced mathematical techniques for personalized medicine, has signed a Letter of Intent with anti-aging, health and wellness company, Doctors Optimal Formula LLC, to create Retinalyze, LLC, an equally owned joint venture, to develop the first SVM-based retinal image analysis for retinal disease assessment and treatment protocols.
He used non dilated retinal image as an input image.
Boasting a wide 110[degrees] field retinal image, the Eidon utilises infrared light which may highlight early stages of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) visible on the fundus image.