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These reticulated platelet data form the basis for further investigating the clinical utility of this assay in conditions of decreased and increased platelet production.
Reticulated platelets (retPLTs) are platelets that are newly released from bone marrow megakaryocytes and still contain RNA.
Application of the newly available IPF parameter (Immature Platelet Fraction), a reticulated platelet equivalent, is an additional reason for the inclusion of Sysmex XE 2100 instruments into the clinical trial arena.
The reticulated platelet count can be used to determine the rate of thrombopoiesis.
Reticulated platelets in the evaluation of thrombopoietic disorders.
The reticulated platelet assay can provide similar information, as the reticulated platelet count tends to vary proportionately with marrow function, and very high counts can be seen in the setting of peripheral platelet destruction.
The recent FDA approval of the IPF (Immature Platelet Fraction), a Reticulated Platelet equivalent, is a direct consequence of nucleic acid staining with fluorescent dyes, adding to Sysmex's unique position in Hematology.
First and foremost, because reticulated platelet measurement is not part of the routine CBC, a new test must be ordered separately.
It is anticipated that implementation of reticulated platelet counts may help to avoid bone marrow examination in some individuals with thrombocytopenia.
Subsequent studies have shown the analysis of IPF on automated hematology analyzers to be a stable and reproducible parameter (10) compared to the measurement of reticulated platelets using flow cytometry (11-13) for providing information on thrombopoiesis.
The method involves the use of an organic dye in the reagent solution for staining the nucleic acid of reticulocytes, including reticulated platelets, and white blood cells in the sample.
In these preclinical studies of spontaneous rodent models of ITP, administration of Alexion's anti-inflammatory C5 Inhibitor significantly prevented the severe thrombocytopenia (abnormally low platelet level) and subsequent elevation of immature reticulated platelets, found in placebo- treated subjects.