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Plural of reticulum.


/re·tic·u·la/ (rĕ-tik´u-lah) [L.] plural of reticulum.


Plural of reticulum.


(re-tik'yu-lum) (-la) plural.reticula [L. reticulum, a little net, network]
A network.

endoplasmic reticulum

Abbreviation: ER
A cell organelle that is a complex network of membranous tubules in the cytoplasm between the nuclear and cell membranes; it is visible only with an electron microscope. One form with ribosomes attached is called granular or rough ER; another form that is free of ribosomes is called agranular or smooth ER. Rough ER transports proteins produced on the ribosomes; smooth ER synthesizes lipids.
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reticulum of nucleus

The netlike contents of a nondividing nucleus of a cell; the chromatin, the long, uncoiled chromosomes.

sarcoplasmic reticulum

The endoplasmic reticulum of striated muscle cells, surrounding the sarcomeres. In response to an action potential, it releases calcium ions to induce contraction, then reabsorbs calcium ions to induce relaxation.

stellate reticulum

The enamel pulp of a developing tooth, consisting of stellate cells lying between the inner and outer epithelial layers of the enamel organ.
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Distribution of mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticula in these muscle fibers was lower than the muscle fiber that was composed only of thin filament (Fig.
Types of muscle fiber composing the foot muscle of mollusc are categorized based on the arrangement of dense body, distribution of thick filament, ratio of thick microfilament and thin microfilament, invagination of sarcolemma, composition of sarcoplasmic reticula, and mitochondrial arrangement (Nicaise & Amsellem 1983).
Muscle fiber of Type I has small number of dense body, mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticula.