retention time

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retention time (ta)

1 (in chromatography) the amount of time elapsed from the injection of a sample into the chromatographic system to the recording of the peak (band) maximum of the component in the chromatogram.
2 the length of time a compound is retained on a chromatography column.

retention time,

n the amount of time it takes for a vaporized compound to pass through the column in chromatography.
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This experiment was performed to establish target retention times, identify potential fragment ions, and determine the specificity for each analyte.
Retention times of miniature radio-transmitters glued to Wild Turkey poults.
48 Retention time (s) Pentosans (%) [alpha]-Cellulose (%) Mason lignin (%) 253 24.
HPLC retention time as a diagnostic tool for hemoglobin variants and hemoglobinopathies: A study of 60000 samples in a clinical diagnostic laboratory.
The HPLC retention time for the extractable peak indicates that it has a Log D value estimated to be 3.
Peaks in the chromatogram were identified comparing their retention times with that of the standard carotenoids and also from the visible spectra associated with each peak.
HPLC assay development of mPEG-propionaldehyde -conjugated D-AAO After close inspection of chromatogram of conjugated D-AAO reveals that the retention time of D-Amino acid oxidase was changed as the peaks shift from 2.
Key process variables tested were: temperature, type and pressure of process gases, retention time, total solids contents, and pH.
In a subsequent study, gold tubes showed favorable results, such as trouble-free insertion, excellent drainage, and prolonged retention time in the tympanic membrane.
Also new is parent company Lightnin's Attrition Scrubber brochure, detailing the product's identical drive and tank cells, fully baffled attritioning chamber that eliminates vortexing, a fully enclosed and baffled attritioning chamber for controlled retention time and two engineered impellers.