retention area

re·ten·tion ar·e·a

an area of a tooth provided during its preparation for restoration that will aid in holding the restoration in place.
See also: retention groove, retention point.

re·ten·tion a·re·a

(rē-tenshŭn arē-ă)
Tooth area provided during its preparation for restoration that will aid in holding restoration in place.
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The project comprises expanded piping, chlorine and fluoride injection equipment and a retention area.
Fleming, the board chairman, said the Grafton & Upton Railroad has put in an impermeable area under the transfer facility and is putting in a retention area to capture drainage.
In the retention area, it was our mentor program--what we call our career adviser program--and really putting accountability behind that program, making sure that we were matching people in the fight service area together and that everybody was engaged in the program and making a commitment to it.
Acting for Mr Jones Tim Smith said: "Mr Jones asked for the party to follow him to the water retention area but no representatives of the school followed.
Each tile is of a cellular design, comprising a raised anti-slip surface moulded into a surrounding retention area for capturing spills from acids, alkalis, water, oils and other liquids.
91-59 overemphasized the role of penalties in the record retention area.
Marine and served more than two decades in the military with his final years spent in the Montana Army National Guard as a recruiting and retention area team leader.
Contract notice: S 289 laying fraureuth; lot 3 - transport system with bw 3, bw 5, noise barrier and storm water retention area.
Retention area set up for spilled fuel and water runoff from the fire.
Prior Information Notice: Retention area elzmE-ndung lot 2: rehabilitation of the main rhine dam vi and lot 4: culvert structure k1.
That area right next to the Brooks House is called a retention area.