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An agent used to slow the chemical hardening of gypsum, resins, or impression materials used in dentistry.


A biomaterial used in dentistry to slow the rate at which impression materials gel, set, or polymerize.


An agent used to slow chemical hardening of gypsum, resins, or impression materials used in dentistry.


n a chemical added to a substance to slow a chemical reaction, prolong the set of the material, and provide more working time.

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A. Hi there,

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It has been shown in a previous study on vinyl-ester resins that the gel time can be correlated to the concentrations of initiator, accelerator, and retarder (26) such as:
With the rapid development of China's automobile industry and the put forward of national relevant policies, the vehicle retarder industry has developed continuously.
ASHRAE has instead adopted the term "vapor retarder.
Currently the installation rate of vehicle retarders used in middle and large-sized passenger cars is about 80%, and the installation rate of vehicle retarders in heavy-duty trucks is less than 5% on account of safety awareness and retarder cost.
The new Generation 9 TA400 is equipped with dual retarder systems, a transmission retarder and exhaust brake, giving operators increased control in loaded, downhill hauls.
LG's Film Patterned Retarder technology, used on the Cinema 3D TV model creates the perception of 3D depth by delivering two 540 line images, one for each eye, that are then combined via the glasses to create a unified 1080p image.
Two types of technology - patterned retarder and active retarder, are both likely to garner significant market share.
com offers "Research and Forecast of China Electric Scooter Industry, 2014-2018" and "Research and Investment Prospect of China Vehicle Retarder Industry, 2014-2018" market reports in its store.
Une declaration qui traduit la crainte d'une scission du front international oppose a Teheran, seul levier jusqu'a present pour retarder ou eviter une action militaire d'IsraE1/2l.
However, to be fully efficient, the reaction between the free radical and the scorch retarder must be faster than the reaction between the tree radical and the polymer.