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The other problem that advisors who have switched to the retainer model have encountered is getting a raise.
Kaji A, Sekino S, Ito H, Numabe Y Influence of a mandibular fixed orthodontic retainer on periodontal health.
An excellent retainer to hold these teeth in alignment is a fixed lingual bar, attached only to the canines (or to canines and first premolars) and resting against the flat lingual surface of the lower incisors above the cingulum.
Prices of the retainer packages are determined by which services are chosen and size of the organization.
Because ownership of the funds used for the advance payment retainer passes immediately to the lawyer upon payment, those funds may not be deposited in the lawyer's client trust account.
After this final step, hook up the controller and check for any dead shorts, then heat up to about 200 to 300 F to make sure everything works properly before bolting on the retainer plate and reassembling the "A" side.
Also Know This: The complex assembly operation was replaced by quick, automated sonic welding of the components for the glass run and retainer module.
There is a misconception that retainer care is elitist, that patients don't want to pay for it, and that it's something they can't afford, said Marcy Zwelling-Aamot, M.
Some physicians who spoke with FAMILY PRACTICE NEWS doubted that any type of retainer medicine would become a major trend.
The fastener retainer is provided on tape and reel to be compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment.
DALLAS -- Physicians in retainer practices are reporting better quality of care and fewer hassles, but the new approach is not without its flaws, according to a survey presented at a national conference on concierge medicine.