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residents with the most common nonurgent chief complaints (who cannot obtain timely care with a primary care physician), are a variety of retail clinics (e.
PeaceHealth's retail clinic in the south Eugene Market of Choice store, which also serves Market of Choice employees, sees an average of 10 patients a day, Ash said.
17) From its modest start, QuickMedX grew to become MinuteClinic, which is now wholly owned by CVS and is the leader in the retail clinic industry.
In late 2009, another Rand study of 2,100 patients found care in retail clinics was believed to be as good as the care offered in doctors' offices and emergency rooms, and that retail clinics charged 30 to 40 percent less than physicians offices and 80 percent less than emergency rooms.
Total costs over 12 months were $1,236 for the retail clinic, $1,435 for the physician office, and $2,157 for the emergency department.
The American Medical Association has listed guidelines aimed toward retail clinics that will ensure proper medical care.
8226; Data and analysis on the various models followed by the retail clinics and SWOT analysis of the retail clinic industry.
residents are accessing care at retail clinics located in pharmacies, supermarkets, shopping malls and other retail settings, finds an August study published in Health Affairs.
Oregon Medical Group doesn't operate a retail clinic, although it has looked at the idea, CEO Cris Noah said.
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