Body Snatcher

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A person who illegally removes a dead body from a grave or vault, usually for profit. The practice was common in the 19th century due to demand for cadavers for medical students studying human anatomy
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While the Resurrectionists represent the patriarchal and hetero normative majority, ANZ is an underground organisation that tries to challenge their pervasive power.
The Resurrectionist was also reviewed by these members of the Richard & Judy Book Club on holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca.
Her death and the exhibition of her remains are recounted by the Negro Resurrectionist.
However, he finds himself drawn to his master's nemesis, Lucan, the most powerful of the city's resurrectionists.
For the bereaved family, understandably reluctant to see their loved one become the subject of a lecture series, there were two easy ways to ward off the resurrectionists.
Set in London in 1826, an apprentice anatomist is drawn into the dark power of the city's resurrectionists and their trade in stealing bodies from the grave.
Two of the works are by Australian authors - Addition by Toni Jordan and The Resurrectionist by James Bradley.
The shortlist includes The Outcast by Sadie Jones; No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay; East Of The Sun by Julia Gregson; Down River by John Hart; The Pirate's Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson; Addition by Toni Jordan; The Resurrectionist by James Bradley.
Nowadays we busily cremate each other, thus obviating the attentions of a Resurrectionist or a passing vampire.
Scotland's top attraction, The Edinburgh Dungeon, unearths the deadly dealings of the city's infamous resurrectionists, with plenty of frights throughout the month until November 1.
He said: "We were dealing with a crypt made of brickwork vaults, designed to keep bodysnatchers out as the crypt was designed at the height of the panic over the Resurrectionists and the Burke and Hare case.
Significantly, the so-called Resurrectionists, who laud the Guardians from whom Lele has escaped, look back on life before the zombie plague with little regret, handing out a pamphlet that reads: