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resume, résumé

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Q. My Grandmother was recently diagnosied with diverticulitis, do you think she should resume her job as a helper or should she stop working and stay home ,She is in her late seventies? if she should even return to work the day should be cut and the work as well don't you think so too?

A. Diverticulitis is definitely treatable. If your grandmother is of sound mind please let her be active as long as possible. I just retired at 70 but I feel like I could have worked another 10 years. Activity and being needed is the key to staying young.

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A spokesperson for the Ministry of Aviation told Daily News Egypt, regarding the conflicts reports, that the resumption of flights is already ongoing and approved, saying the resumption date will be determined based on the organising of flights of different airports.
The Minister pointed out in press statements that this resumption of border trade would contribute as well in the development and in providing the national coffer with income that helps with development in the homeland.
A government delegation headed by the Minister of Commerce Hatim al-Sir and including the Director of the Standards and Metrology Authority, Director of the Customs Police, Central Bank of Sudan, security department at the security services, businessmen has visited White Nile State Monday to announce the resumption of border trade between the White Nile State and South Sudan.
The station master, Moin Gul, said that the last date set for the resumption of rail service was January 17, 2018 which had now been changed to January 27.
Also, Mrs Iyabo Agbaje, a food vendor, said it was a normal thing at the resumption of work to experience low sales.
In all age brackets, the proportion of those on the resumption side grew as more surveys were conducted," Kim said in a televised announcement.
The truth is that many people are now wondering if there is a way ahead considering that after four hours of talks the leaders had failed to agree on a date for the resumption of the talks.
The Palace official said the resumption of the peace talks would be beneficial for the Filipinos who have been affected by the decades-long armed struggle.
But unless politics is involved in cricket, there can't be a resumption of bilateral ties.
As far as I understand, the entire leadership in Damascus is ready for the resumption of inter-Syrian talks and they have no problems with forming the government's delegation," the envoy said.
The residents of the areas expressed grave concern over non resumption of construction work.
BRUSSELS, April 5 (KUNA) -- The European Union and the United Nations expressed Tuesday their optimism that the announced ceasefire in Yemen as of 10th of April and the resumption of peace talks on the 18th of April in Kuwait will lead to the end of the conflict in Yemen.