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resume, résumé

Patient discussion about resume

Q. My Grandmother was recently diagnosied with diverticulitis, do you think she should resume her job as a helper or should she stop working and stay home ,She is in her late seventies? if she should even return to work the day should be cut and the work as well don't you think so too?

A. Diverticulitis is definitely treatable. If your grandmother is of sound mind please let her be active as long as possible. I just retired at 70 but I feel like I could have worked another 10 years. Activity and being needed is the key to staying young.

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IF t'j is resumable and non-preemptable THEN status (t'j): = resumed; RETURN u'j (as the value of the function) c?
As for long-form videos, YouTube's new resumable uploads feature will help get those big files on the network, removing the need for other upload utilities.
As Dugas states, it is resumable in a syllogism: "I) Les Juifs constituent un peuple; 2) Or toute liberation d'un peuple passe actuellement par la voie nationale; 3) Donc seul un etat juif peut permettre la liberation du Juif" (51).
But even in that case, it's no great disaster because most downloads are resumable.
Through a single sign-on across the enterprise, Xtria Entrust authenticates users, tracks user access, and features a resumable, follow-me session, where a user can log in at multiple desktops and their previous work securely follows to that location.