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n a chemical ingredient (potassium bromide) of photographic developing solution. Its function is to inhibit the fogging tendency of the solution. Like the activator, the restrainer also controls the rate of development.
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Upon restricting the movement of the person's arms and legs, it becomes possible to bind and restrain the ankles and wrists.
One was business inventory accumulation, which had exceeded the robust growth in final sales in 1997 and probably would moderate this year as business firms sought to restrain the buildup in their inventories to keep them in better alignment with the expected moderation of gains in sales.
Moreover, inflation continued to fall by some measures and inflation expectations still seemed to be adjusting downward toward actual inflation; further declines in these expectations would restrain increases in compensation and prices.
370) One could plausibly argue that, since the New York legislature knew how to make exemptions with regard to bank accounts, it must have intended to restrain disposition of any other kind of exempt property.
418) Therefore it might still be open to challenge the restraining notice procedure for its failure to guarantee a prompt hearing on vacating orders that wrongly restrain exempt property.
426) It is a striking feature of CPLR section 5222(b)'s second sentence that, if we read it literally, a restraining notice can restrain on the basis of a known falsehood.
Plaintiff is not seeking to restrain money owed directly to the judgment debtor, but rather money owed to one who in turn is allegedly indebted to the judgment debtor.
For proper cause and in compliance with applicable law, a court may restrain (i) a person from issuing a payment order to initiate a funds transfer, (ii) an originator's bank from executing the payment of the originator, or (iii) the beneficiary's bank from releasing funds to the beneficiary or the beneficiary from withdrawing the funds.
Returning then to the new limitation on restraining notices, the bank is expressly ordered not to restrain $2,500.
548) So, for example, a restraining notice served at the time a third party owes a contingent broker's fee for property not yet purchased effectively restrains payment of the fee when the deal closes.
The order, granted by the Superior Court of California in Orange County on Thursday, restrains Scott and anyone acting in concert with him, from soliciting employees of The Wet Seal, Inc.