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n a chemical ingredient (potassium bromide) of photographic developing solution. Its function is to inhibit the fogging tendency of the solution. Like the activator, the restrainer also controls the rate of development.
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The writ also restrains the national Chairman(5th defendant), INEC (2ND defendant), IGP (3RD defendant), D-G DSS ( 4th), Simeon (9th), Aroyehun (7th) and Labour Party (1st defendant) from either parading themselves or interfering in the activities of the party.
party to issue a restraining notice that restrains property of
A statement by Dr Arm read by the coroner said: "The degree of force being used [to restrain him] was in my opinion considerable.
Upon intervention, officers typically deploy less lethal force techniques in an attempt to control and restrain these individuals.
The cuffs, which cost pounds 50 each, are meant to be used to restrain unruly passengers.
An anticipated slowdown in the pace of inventory accumulation also would restrain domestic production as stocks were brought into balance with the expected lower trajectory for sales.
The order may also restrain your spouse from coming near your workplace or home.