restless leg syndrome

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A condition defined as a distressing need or urge to move the legs (or arms)—akathisia—usually accompanied by an uncomfortable deep-seated sensation in the legs that is brought on by rest—sitting or lying down, relieved by moving or walking, and worse at night or in the evening. RLS may be accompanied by involuntary limb movements while the patient is asleep
Management For nightly symptoms, dopaminergics are the agents of first choice, opiates second choice; for pain, gabapentin, opiates, dopaminergics, then sedative-hypnotics

restless leg syndrome

Nocturnal myoclonus Sleep disorders A clinical complex characterized by nocturnal cramping of the anterior calf, restlessness, a feeling of heaviness, aching, painful paresthesia and tingling in legs with uncontrolled twitching, relieved by movement; RLS is worse at night and with recumbency, and interferes with sleep; other features include stereotypic triple flexion movement of the legs that occur at regular intervals during sleep, myotonic movements while awake and asleep, insomnia, family Hx Management Home remedies–eg, hot baths, creams and cotton stockings may be as effective as clonidine, benzodiazepines, opiates, l-dopa, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. See Sleep disorders. Cf Periodic limb movement disorder.

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Q. i have restless legs at night . could someone help me with what meds i should take

A. I suffered badly from RLS for several years. I then went to see a Neurologist about it. He prescribed a medication for the RLS, and within days the problem was gone. The sense of relief was amazing. However, one has to take the medicine all the time - if I forget to take mine, then the symptoms come back. Nevertheless, it is great to be completely free of the problem !

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Researchers have observed that restless leg syndrome seems to cause the most discomfort and involuntary leg movement at night and wanes in the morning when the swelling has dissipated.
Diosmin has been shown to improve the tone and health of veins, reduce swelling in the calves and ankles, reduce pain and fatigue in the legs, and even alleviate the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.
Diosmin may also bring relief to people suffering from secondary Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) caused by CVI.
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All three doses of cabergoline proved effective at reducing restless leg syndrome severity at night, which was the primary study end point.
Stiasny and her coinvestigators decided to study the drug in patients with restless leg syndrome, a troublesome disorder of obscure etiology.