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a person or group of persons serving as an available support and source of aid because of intellectual or personal capabilities.


The components of a system–eg, equipment, space, and labor, available to perform a task Managed care The source of financial support–eg, insurance, personal income


(rē′sors″, rē-sors′) [Fr. ressourse, relief, resource]
1. An asset, valuable commodity, or service.
2. Anything, e.g., medical supplies, held in reserve.

renewable resource

Any material that replenishes itself, grows naturally in the environment, or is constant, e.g., vegetable matter and wood, solar radiation, wave action, or wind.


  1. any potential product of an area.
  2. a food supply.

Patient discussion about resource

Q. What resources are available in Seattle, Washington to help with an autistic child?

A. i miss Seattle... here is a link to "Autism Spectrum Treatment and Research (ASTAR) Center". a well know establishment:

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The new Resource Manager seamlessly integrates with existing TestShell test automation solutions for advanced test optimization.
The Active Resource Manager combines Collection, Processing and Storage with Policy and Dynamic Service control to provide a scalable, comprehensive Resource Management Platform.
On public lands the responsibility for managing ecosystems (and the SFPs found within those ecosystems) rests with resource managers, notably the U.
This ProSight Resource Manager release provides many new capabilities for ensuring that scarce resources are assigned to the right efforts and for tracking how staff time is being used.
Active Broadband Networks is also announcing the availability of Active Resource Manager Release 4.
Camiant's Universal Edge Resource Manager enables QAM sharing, enabling bandwidth to be distributed as needed across an expanded host of services including switched digital video or Modular-CMTS.
myVRM, the Versatile Resource Manager, is an intelligent, multi-faceted tool that makes scheduling, managing and tracking meetings easier and more productive.
Solaris Resource Manager and Solaris Bandwidth Manager software products are great ways for our customers to gain greater efficiencies from existing resources by providing the tools to give them greater control over bandwidth and system resources.
NetStorM Resource Manager Software Enables Management
HighGround Storage Resource Manager Available To Microsoft MCSPs
a globally recognized leader in messaging and calendaring, announced today that their latest version of Exchange Resource Manager (ERM) version 1.
Providing allocation of such major system resources as CPU, virtual memory and number of processes, Solaris Resource Manager software empowers Sun servers with a level utilization of resources previously found only in mainframe-class environments.

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