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a person or group of persons serving as an available support and source of aid because of intellectual or personal capabilities.


The components of a system–eg, equipment, space, and labor, available to perform a task Managed care The source of financial support–eg, insurance, personal income


(rē′sors″, rē-sors′) [Fr. ressourse, relief, resource]
1. An asset, valuable commodity, or service.
2. Anything, e.g., medical supplies, held in reserve.

renewable resource

Any material that replenishes itself, grows naturally in the environment, or is constant, e.g., vegetable matter and wood, solar radiation, wave action, or wind.


  1. any potential product of an area.
  2. a food supply.

Patient discussion about resource

Q. What resources are available in Seattle, Washington to help with an autistic child?

A. i miss Seattle... here is a link to "Autism Spectrum Treatment and Research (ASTAR) Center". a well know establishment:

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But resource managers can't engage in collaboration or support local collaborative efforts without clear funding.
If it is to build and maintain trust, the answer must also support local collaboration--providing funds for federal resource managers and assistance to communities to participate in the process.
On the other side of the North American continent, attempts to restore four rivers in the Pacific Northwest have turned into a nightmare for the region's resource managers.
In South Carolina's Francis Marion National Forest, resource managers are burning the woods under a stipulation of the Endangered Species Act, which requires that the U.
Although it discomforts people accustomed to more rational processes, this approach creates a synergy of its own: Scientists become more active players in the policymaking process, resource managers work more closely with scientists to begin implementing new practices, and policymakers become better versed in rapidly evolving scientific and management debates.
In the Northern Region of the Forest Service, scientists and resource managers have developed an innovative approach that links the latest scientific concepts to on-the-ground management practices.
In the pressure-cooker environment that Forest Service resource managers operate in, however, even this long-awaited measure carries its dangers.
The RPA Program goes further to emphasize research on how the options available to resource managers can be expanded through finding greater compatibility between various resource uses.
Additionally, 35 percent of human resource managers reported that their 2006 budget for salary increases will be larger than 2005, while 9 percent anticipate a lower budget, and 55 percent reported no change.
In addition, UD's meta-scheduling capabilities enable workload management across a range of third party distributed resource managers (DRMs) already operating on existing clusters.
United Devices will integrate the GX Synergy(TM) meta-scheduling capability into its HPC infrastructure management suite, which will strengthen its vender neutral, heterogeneous position via enhanced support for clusters, distributed resource managers, and dedicated servers.
They told us they wanted better navigation, a cleaner look, lots more tools, and quick help answering the complicated questions that challenge human resource managers every day.

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