resorbable (rēsor´bəbəl),

adj that which can be broken down and assimilated back into the body.
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Partially to fully resorbable soft tissue repair products
The measurement performance of the authors' resorbable devices compares favorably with that of non-resorbable clinical standards.
From the humble origins of the standard polypropylene mesh, new product development in hernia repair has continued to embrace the potential of resorbable implantable solutions.
M2 PHARMA-July 20, 2015-Boston Scientific Launches Study of Fully Resorbable Scaffold Technology
The UAE is the first country in the region to use the new generation GT 1 Bi- Resorbable Scaffold (BVS) Systems that dissolve within three years, leaving the artery clear.
which makes biomaterials, has introduced Proxy Bio-XT, a strength-reinforcing technology for resorbable orthopedic products.
5m) in series B equity funding to Medisse BV, the resorbable implants developer said on Monday.
Herein we share our experience with resorbable poly (D,L) lactic acid (PDLLA) mesh fixed with ultrasound-activated pins to secure the cochlear implant receivers to the temporoparietal skull.
Ltd, Korea) with "Colla Guide" resorbable membrane (Bioland, Korea).
MPC uses special polyester resins to mold resorbable devices.
Oceanport, NJ) has been issued United States Patent 6,579,951 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering novel resorbable polymeric materials exhibiting reverse thermal gelation properties which may be used in a variety of biomedical product applications including implantable drug and cell delivery, gene therapy, sealants as well as in the company's main focus of post-operative adhesion prevention products.