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spatial resolution--conditioned by a matrix detector resolving power and dimensions of individual sensors;
It is likely that these criteria will be refined as more data become available, thus increasing the resolving power of HRM analysis.
The solariX XR is capable of providing resolving powers greater than 250,000 at m/z 400 in one second at 7T through optimization of processing algorithms used in the control software, including the use of broadband ICR absorption mode analysis.
The PTI leader appealed for rapid action from the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for resolving power crisis saying that he should show mercy to the children and people of the nation.
HPIMS delivers resolving power that complements modern chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis.
Signals from the various dishes, taken together, create a "virtual telescope" with the resolving power of a single telescope as big as the space between the disparate dishes.
Suffice to say that the resolving power and light gathering capabilities are extraordinary.
Because capillary electrophoresis and HPLC have complementary separation modes, the CEC separation has some of the advantages of both methods in terms of resolving power and sample capacity.
The resulting fuzziness limits a telescope's resolving power -- its ability to produce separate images of closely spaced objects.
Although the new lens is ultra-thin, it has a resolving power that actually approaches the theoretical limits set by the laws of optics.
They can quickly identify and decommission underutilized devices, plan capacity and commission equipment based on actual power usage, improve availability by resolving power or cooling issues before they become problems, and drive energy consumption and costs out of the operation.
1 arc-second in diameter -- a scale beyond the resolving power of ground-based telescopes, says astronomer J.