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To return or cause to return to the normal, particularly without suppuration, said of a phlegmon or other form of inflammation.
[L. resolvo, to loosen]


v. re·solved, re·solving, re·solves
1. Medicine To cause reduction of (an inflammation, for example).
2. Chemistry To separate (an optically inactive compound or mixture) into its optically active constituents.

re·solv′a·bil′i·ty, re·solv′a·ble·ness n.
re·solv′a·ble adj.
re·solv′ed·ly (-zŏl′vĭd-lē) adv.
re·solv′er n.
Malpractice Recognise, Respond, Resolve A term coined by Copic Insurance in Colorado, which provides medical malpractice coverage to doctors and health professionals as part of promoting open disclosure about medical errors
Managed care—US Request, Render, Report A trilogy of factors that must be met before a patient can be billed for a consultation from a physician other than the primary care provider: the ordering physician must Request the consultation; the consultant must Render a medical opinion, and issue a written Report
Research Reduce, Refine, Replace A research philosophy first articulated in 1959 by British scientists WMS Russell and RL Burch who linked scientific excellence to the humane and efficient use of laboratory animals, a philosophy now known as 'alternatives'
Vox populi Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic This is the original phrase which inspired the many other 'three Rs.' It referred to the core components of an elementary school education in America


Reproduction medicine A national, nonprofit consumer organization offering education, advocacy, and support to those experiencing infertility


To return or cause to return to the normal, particularly without suppuration; said of a phlegmon or other form of inflammation.
[L. resolvo, to loosen]

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Q. Can some one resolve my confusion that---- what is diet and what is nutrition?

A. the people above have some good answers. I hope they helped you enough.

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Out of 898 complaints 822 were resolved with the intervention of the CM House cell, the statement said.
The complaints received against K-Electric during February 2018 were 92, of them 81 were resolved .
The number of criminal cases dropped by 2 804 (49,9%) in those regions as compared with 2012, while the resolved cases
Among women who had had all three risk factors at enrollment, the proportion was markedly smaller among women who resolved all of the risks than among their counterparts who resolved none (3% vs.
This program allows issues raised, developed and agreed to during a corporate audit to be finally resolved for all open years through a closing agreement.
All need to be resolved to truly have peace in the region.
It could be resolved very quickly, whenever they are ready to resolve it,'' Fisher said.
The agency staff and the client will invest less time solving problems and conflicts at the lowest possible level than they would if a particular conflict were resolved through formal litigation.
Taking part in the debate on Panama Leakes in the National Assembly, he said that even most difficult issues could be resolved in the parliament rather taking into rallies.
A number of cases have already been resolved in fewer than 60 days.
After several more consultations and negotiations, the dispute is resolved to the satisfaction and relief of both sides, not least at having avoided the uncertainties of a July trial.
At the conclusion of a successful mediation, all parties agree and the matter is resolved.