A gene encoded by a transposon that can catalyze a second stage of transposition as well as participate in the regulation of its own expression.
[resolve + -ase]
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Pode ocorrer que em sendo impossivel para o devedor realizar uma prestacao derivada de um negocio juridico resolvase este em perdas e danos, mas nao ha que se falar em invalidade do mesmo.
ISTN3X; 96% identical), comprising one of Tn3-like inverted repeats and putative coding regions for transposase, resolvase (also called repressor), and ampicillin resistance.
Heteroduplexes are cleaved by the resolvase T4 endonuclease VII, usually in both strands within 3-6 by 3' from the mismatch (21).
X-ray structure of T4 endonuclease VII: a DNA junction resolvase with a novel fold and unusual domain-swapped dimer architecture.
EMD uses a resolvase enzyme cloned from bacteriophage [T.
The double-stranded DNA fragments resulting from resolvase cleavage can be detected by conventional analytical methods such as gel electrophoresis.
After incubation with resolvases or chemicals, the products are resolved electrophoretically side by side to score for the presence of mismatch-cleaved molecules (9-11).
Detection of mutations by cleavage of DNA heteroduplexes with bacteriophage resolvases.
So far, bacteriophage resolvases have been applied to the analysis of heterozygous states.
Subsequently, products were incubated with resolvases, separated on polyacrylamide gels under nondenaturing or denaturing conditions, and fragments detected by autoradiography.
It has been suggested that mutant resolvases may be developed that tightly bind a mismatch, but fail to cut it.