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In sum, while maintaining attention to more traditional theoretical and skill-oriented learning, the new educational reforms promote a resocialization of the Argentine defense sector that will be most apparent in rising junior and mid-career professionals, those who will impact military organization and planning over the next generation.
Mitigation efforts include treatment and rehabilitation programs, awareness campaigns, strengthening of municipal offices, and engagement of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with prisons in post-release rehabilitation and resocialization projects.
Resocialization With time the mere presence of bureaucrats from minority social groups can lead to enhanced empathic understanding of their colleagues.
This process is reflective of Green's queer meaning-constitutive tradition, which involves young LGBQ individuals' resocialization as they let go of heteronormative life trajectories (Green 2006, 2010).
27) This feature of the SMR is in common with the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice (the so-called "Beijing Rules"), which boosts the application of several standards, values, and requirements set by the SMR, such as proportionality of the sanction, and the requirements for rehabilitation and resocialization inside prisons and similar institutions.
This difference forces us to ask what role the preceding resocialization played at the moment of return.
Under the program, these people should undergo resocialization and training so that upon their release they would be able to get employed and sustain their families.
Given the challenges currently facing the SFE, both at the micro level of our individual program and at the more macro level as a field, we argue there is a need for the resocialization of P-12 and postsecondary educators in relation to SFE teaching approaches.
I was lucky enough to meet Thomas Hammar, the first professor of migration studies in Sweden, who offered me a job in the political science department of Stockholm University as a research assistant for the project on the political resocialization of immigrants that he led.
Employment is often viewed not only a desired outcome and element but as a means of establishing a source of income and a way to boost self-esteem and resocialization (Ginexi et al.
The ACBCM model suggests that behavioral change occurs through a process of resocialization and culturalization.