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A measure of a material's resistance to the passage of electrical current; the reciprocal of conductivity.
[L. re-sito, to withstand]
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Previous studies on soil contamination using electrical resistivity of soil:
Subsequent low voltage resistivity testing will result in no change in the volume resistivity of the tube.
It is the most accurate surface resistivity meter available.
Based on a positive outcome from the resistivity survey and coal quality analysis, the Company may plan and implement a drilling program to define a JORC compliant resource.
Unfortunately, few references, if any, are given in these standards to justify why these criterion values (and not others) should be used with respect to different soil resistivity ranges.
While the presence of low resistivity in sedimentary layers within the Full Monty basin and their proximity to basin-edge faults is highly suggestive of brine aquifers, it does not guarantee the presence of economic lithium-bearing brine concentrations.
Automated resistivity equipment allows measurements to be preprogrammed with any combination of electrodes.
resistivity for location of aquifers in Northern Nigeria," Journal of Royal Geological Society, No.
The method is based on the differences in the electric resistivity of rocks and that is why, one of its advantages is represented by its noninvasive character.
As you make copper interconnects narrower and narrower, the resistivity increases as the true nanoscale properties of the material become apparent," said Raghunath Murali, a research engineer in Georgia Tech's Microelectronics Research Center and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.