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1. A substance containing a resin or resembling one.
2. An extract obtained by evaporating a tincture.
3. Resembling rosin.


(rĕz′ĭ-noyd) [″ + Gr. eidos, form, shape]
Resembling a resin.

resinoid (reˑ·z·noid),

n a highly scented, viscous, purified material obtained by extraction of plant materials using organic solvents.
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Fine and accurate finishes are best obtained with small grain size and grinding wheels with resinoid, rubber or shellac bonds.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of RESINOID OAKMOSS
Tenders are invited for Reinforced Resinoid Grinding Wheel Of Size 180Mm Of Disc Dia X 7Mm Thickness, 22Mm Dia Of Shaft Hole.
Tenders are invited for Pneumatic Heavy Duty Angle Grinder Of Free Speed 6000 Rpm, Spindle Thread M16, Capacity 150 Mm, Resinoid Cup Type Of Iam 19A S Of Iam Make/Cp 319A Of Cp Make Or Ega-6-60 Of Ats Elgi Make With Guarantee Procurement On Y From Oem Or Authorised Dealer .
for Reynolds Metals, DuPont, CasChem, GE Silicones, Pfizer, Harcros, Occidental, Resinoid Engineering)
Tenders are invited for Grinding Wheel Resinoid Bond O/D 400 X 50 Thick X 152.