residual error

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re·sid·u·al er·ror

the estimated discrepancy between the actual measured datum and the value for that value computed after a model has been fitted to the set of the data by an estimator.
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The residual error or percentage error is the error that may occur during the measurement of the surface roughness.
50] for inhibitors), SLOPE determines the shape of the curve and error is the residual error of the model.
Modified Gram Schmidt orthogonalization approach for computing the least squares residual error (MGS-LSRE) is presented in section 3.
The prediction performances of the drying models based on a [+ or -]5% residual error interval are also shown in Tables 2 and 3.
Grouped residual error (root-mean-square normalized error [RMSNE]) was also computed at each truncation step by averaging normalized residual errors of regression across data set and print size above {CPS}.
Also in the next section, we will find these two summations are called the residual error signals for the pinion and the gear.
Since the performance of the individual models fit to Equation [1] is very good, these models provide a benchmark with an overall residual error of 2.
In addition, normal probability plots showing the relationship of the residual error to the expected residuals from a gaussian distribution are shown in Fig.
Kriging treats each surface as if it were composed of three separate variables: drift or general trend of the surface; random but spatially correlated small deviations from the trend; and random noise or residual error term.