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Plural of residuum.


Plural of residuum.


(re-zij'yu-um) (re-zij'u-a) plural.residua [L. residuum, left over] Residue.
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The residua were searched by non-linear inversion method designed by Boender (1982) and tested by Csendes (1988).
The model attempted to describe the equinus deformity often observed in persons with Lisfranc and Chopart residua by varying the height of the longitudinal arch of the foot as a proportion of residual foot length [30].
In this way, the different lengths of the MTP, TMT, and Lisfranc residua could be modeled as illustrated in Figure 2(a), 2(b), and 2(c), respectively.
These were the residua of a private performance--held five days before the opening and documented in the video--for which Sierra paid ten local Iraqi immigrants an undisclosed sum ("as little as possible," he told me) to stand still, swathed in plastic sheeting, while the jets were turned on them.
The porous titanium pylon was implanted in the bone of the thigh residua of four rats.