residential care

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ex·tend·ed-care fa·cil·i·ty

(eks-ten'dĕd-kār fă-sil'i-tē)
Health care supplier of skilled care after hospitalization or severe illness or injury.
Synonym(s): nursing home, residential care.

residential care

Care provided in a live-in facility other than the patient's home. The very young, the very old, and those with physical infirmities, or behavioral or substance abuse problems are often treated in residential care centers.
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The independent review - headed up by Sir Martin Narey, former Head of the Prison and Probation Services in England and Wales and CEO of children s charity Barnardo s - will look at which children should be in residential care, how it can be improved and how government can achieve the very best for every single child in their care.
Quoting figures from the Department for Work and Pensions, the company said the average cost of a single room in a UK residential care home is now more than double the average pensioner's income of PS14,300.
One of the options is to transfer these old people into private homes - although the council acknowledge that there is nowhere near enough local private residential care accommodation available," the petition says.
The panel, chaired by Cllr Mick Thompson, agreed last June that the new work programme for 2014-15 would include an examination of how residential care settings prevent abuse, theft and neglect by staff.
As a result the weekly residential care will rise from PS418.
The report prepared for Monday's executive committee says residential care in Amlwch and Llangefni is "not best suited to meet the long-term needs of older people and is an expensive model of provision".
Ms Rochira said: "The outstanding response from across Wales provides a very robust foundation for this and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire for the part they have all played in driving change for older people living in residential care.
However, thorough and compassionate senior care, like that available at Sally's Residential Care Home in Camarillo, CA, makes sure that every day throughout the year is full of optimism for seniors.
5m from Unity alongside PS725,000 from BII has enabled the charity to buy Hall Green residential care home, providing specialist dementia care.
He said it is often the surroundings addicts are in which pose the most risks for them and that they often need a bit of time out to recover - which is where residential care can come in.
Currently the council is paying for residential care for about 5,000 people - often in the private or voluntary sector homes since the vast majority of council-owned facilities have been closed in recent years.
3 days before finding a place in a residential care home - a rise of three days per patient since the coalition government took office three years ago.

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