resident physician

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an authorized practitioner of medicine, as one graduated from a college of medicine or osteopathy and licensed by the appropriate board; see also doctor.
attending physician one who attends a hospital at stated times to visit the patients and give directions as to their treatment.
emergency physician a specialist in emergency medicine.
family physician a medical specialist who plans and provides the comprehensive primary health care of all members of a family, regardless of age or sex, on a continuous basis. See also family practice.
resident physician a graduate and licensed physician learning a specialty through in-hospital training.


A house officer attached to a hospital for clinical training; formerly, one who actually resided in the hospital.
Synonym(s): resident physician
[L. resideo, to reside]

resident physician

A physician who works full or part time in a hospital to continue training after internship; commonly called a resident.
See also: physician
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The typical community-based family medicine residency program used income of $4,464,822 to train 23 resident physicians at a total cost of $194,125 per resident full-time equivalent (FTE).
The documentation requirements of resident physicians in teaching settings are important and unique.
Lawsuits against house staff are not rare, and resident physicians are regularly joined as codefendants with their supervisors who are typically medical school faculty or community practitioners admitting patients to "team care.
This "moonlighting" offers the resident physician financial reimbursement and the opportunity to gain experience working independently, while at the same time filling an open staff position in the ED.
Resident physicians proved to be just as capable as genetic counselors in interpreting family history data when using an algorithm developed by researchers at Scott & White Hospital, Temple, Tex.
30, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ - The American Society of Hematology (ASH) recognizes the following abstract presenters at the 52nd ASH Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL, with the highest scoring abstracts in the categories of undergraduate student, medical student, graduate student, resident physician, and post-doctoral fellow.
The physicians at the State institution elected not to admit him, as a danger to himself, notwithstanding a prior recommendation the night before by a staff resident physician at a private hospital, that the man be committed.
He is a faculty member at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, the resident physician for PBS's Health Week, and his Doctor's Corner can also be seen weekly on The Health Network.
Through these institutions and organizations, the AAMC represents 148,000 faculty members, 83,000 medical students, and 115,000 resident physicians.
This visit is to strengthen cooperation between the two sides in anesthesiology program and to discuss training opportunities for OMSB resident physicians.
Family Medicine resident physicians, from left, Hina Zaman, M.
To date, the computer information center conducted online lectures for resident physicians and faculty of the medical departments by professors of the Istanbul universities.

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