resectoscope sheath

re·sec·to·scope sheath

an operative sheath through which transurethral electroresection of bladder tumors or prostate gland can be performed.
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The average tumour size, estimated by the diameter of the resectoscope sheath equaling about 1 cm, was 7.
Resectoscope sheath including connecting tube for in and out flow 26Fr, obliq beak, fixed inner tube with ceramic insulation
In fact use of larger size nephroscope or resectoscope sheath may cause urethral stricture in long term outcome.
Applying of sufficient lubricating agents whenever needed along the shaft of the resectoscope and using smaller size of resectoscope sheath may decrease friction between resectoscope sheath and urethra.
Both electrodes are completely insulated from the resectoscope sheath.
For the laser enucleation a resectoscope sheath is used with a 30 degree lens.
Tenders are invited for Supply of urology surgical equipments Resectoscope Sheath, Biopsy Forceps,Sheath Insert,Dilator for Mini Perc
These techniques range from the use of forceps, as Grainger et al described in the first published case report on resectoscope sheath extraction, (1) to the use a holmium YAG laser with a 200 [micro]m fiber to fragment the 26 French (Fr) resectoscope sheath in the patient's bladder and other laser-based techniques.
in order to begin the introduction of the ERA disposable resectoscope sheath for use in operative hysteroscopy, a growing non-incisional alternative to hysterectomy for treating dysfunctional uterine bleeding, fibroids and other benign uterine pathology.
7] This finding is consistent with others and adds to the body of evidence that urethral stricture might not be a concern specifically associated with bipolar technique; perhaps more of a relationship to resectoscope sheath diameter and postoperative catheter duration.
Conceptus also announced that it had conducted a market launch of its ERA(TM) resectoscope sheath at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Gynecological Laparascopy (AAGL) in Seattle, Washington.
In the interim, a plain abdominal film of the kidneys, ureters and bladder (KUB) was performed which surprisingly showed a metallic object in the bladder consistent with a resectoscope sheath tip (Fig.