A blue compound used as a redox indicator in the reductase test of milk and also as a pH indicator (orange at 3.8, violet at 6.5).
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However, the alcohol test, clot-on-boiling test and resazurin test (protein stability tests) which were carried out on the suspected samples indicated that they were still acceptable (Lovibond Disc Comparator Numbers 3-6), but with short shelf life as was sold without cooling.
Patent and Trade Office has issued a Notice of Allowance of Alamar's patent entitled "Antibiotic and Cytotoxic Drug Susceptibility Assays Using Resazurin and Poising Agents.
Cecal and colonic contents (1 g) were serially diluted 1:9 in sterile resazurin solution (K[H.
Resazurin detection of energy metabolism changes in serum-starved PC12 cells and of neuroprotective agent effect.
The ADS was prepared by adding 33 ml of mineral solution 1, 75 ml of mineral solution 2 and 1 ml of resazurin (0.
has issued a Stipulated Order pursuant to which Difco has agreed that they will not (a) market or sell any product for microbial susceptibility testing which employs the dye resazurin for colorimetric and/or fluorimetric testing; (b) market or sell any product based on a patent obtained by Difco; and (c) transfer, assign, license or otherwise encumber the patent, in each case pending the hearing on Alamar's motion for preliminary injunction currently scheduled for February, 1995.
A panel of natural products, shikonin, two cajanin stilbene acid (CSA) derivatives and artesunate were tested by resazurin assay on CSC-enriched mammospheres and MCF-7 monolayer cells.
1 ml/L of micromineral solution, 212 ml/L of macromineral solution, 212 ml/L of buffer solution, 1 ml/L of resazurin solution and 44.
Reserpine's cytotoxicity was investigated by resazurin and sulforhodamine assays, flow cytometry, and COMPARE and hierarchical cluster analyses of transcriptome- wide microarray-based RNA expressions.
1 ml trace element solution A, 200 ml buffer solution B, 200 ml macro-element solution C, 1 ml resazurin solution (0.