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The effect of fluctuating reproductive performance was simulated by imposing different levels of severity of reproductive failure and different frequencies of occurrence of reproductive failure on the base breeding program.
Homozygous NLRP7 mutations in a Moroccan woman with recurrent reproductive failure.
Studies in Oregon show a relationship between UV exposure and reproductive failure in some frog species.
The result was a two-fold increase in the adult mortality and reproductive failure in two very different beneficial species.
In many of the affected populations, the animals have higher rates of reproductive failure and their numbers are in serious decline.
Repromedix offers the most comprehensive suite of advanced diagnostic tests that provide valuable information regarding the complex problems of reproductive failure.
PRRS infects pigs around the globe causing reproductive failure in breeding stock and respiratory tract illness, slower growth and increased mortality in growing pigs.
Through his extensive studies of the species Matt was aware that issues of reproductive failure had been found in some tapir.
This 21st century alternative to rat poison will be used to cause permanent reproductive failure in female rice field rats (Rattus argentiventer).
More recently, in the December 2004 issue of EHP, Jon Nash and colleagues showed that long-term laboratory exposure to environmental concentrations of the pharmaceutical ethinyl estradiol caused reproductive failure in zebrafish.
Evidence of reproductive failure and lack of perinatal transmission of Bartonella henselae in experimentally infected cats.
The more toxic DDE, a byproduct of DDT, caused reproductive failure and eggshell thinning in bald eagles and other species of birds that feed on marine life.

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