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Causing or inclined to cause repression.
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40) While adolescent male sexuality was permissively accepted, adolescent female sexuality was repressively denied--a double standard that has persisted to the present.
30am) In a repressively religious Hebridean community, devout Emily Watson has sex with strangers in the belief that it is God's will for the recovery of her paralysed husband.
The imposition of the death penalty on Ocalan, a Kurdish resistance leader, is yet another sign that the Turkish authorities are acting repressively and are not taking into account the Kurdish people's legitimate complaints.
Pinochet is the man who has pronounced Franco to be his hero (though Napoleon is a close second), who sees himself as continuing the caudillo's special mixture of repressively conservative Catholicism with a modernizing capitalist mentality, who in his vanity has declared that, like Franco, he saved the world itself from communism.
And because science has always been so heavily founded in vast, systemic views of the world, the mainstream scientific community has always been extremely, I would argue repressively, conservative when confronted with radical new notions which threaten to change too much too fast.
It is therefore curious that, just as the use of modern methods of birth control is gaining ground rapidly in the developing world,(55) some feminists and conservatives are taking the position that family planning programs are repressively pushing unwanted birth control on women.
According to him the numerous poetic treatments thematizing Arcadia offer alternative models of life, which deal with the question of love not repressively but openly.
Despite occasional concessions timed to coincide with impending congressional votes, Chinese authorities continued to deal repressively with internal political opponents.
Although social or cultural relations are instrumental in limiting the meaning available in a text, far from being repressively deterministic, described in terms of vraisemblance, the way in which we make sense is absolutely resilient.
He also functions as the alter ego of Little Billee, the most talented of the three and ultimately the most repressively bourgeois.
The message: suburbia in its Beaver Cleaver and Ozzie-and-Harriet moments is merely an epidermis of sham comfort, security, and normality; scratch this fragile outer shell and you "reveal" a seething, teeming cauldron of vices, the Smiths and the Joneses secretly, repressively kicking up a storm with booze and pills and sex and death.
WHEN Russia was still repressively Communist it required special dispensation to visit a locked room in the Hermitage Museum.