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Causing or inclined to cause repression.
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At the dawn of the 21st century, minority ethnic groups ruled Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Bahrain, often repressively.
The romantic 1883 memoir sits oddly next to Curr's position on the Board for the Protection of Aborigines (BPA) during the 1870s and 1880s, a tenure that was marked by his 'stubborn commitment to a repressively paternalistic policy of protection' (169).
Our nudging can be genuinely moral--or not repressively puritanical--because we know better than ever what human choices are most likely to produce bad outcomes.
In his monthly investment outlook for October, the PIMCO manager waxes theological about the cruelty of a world where sickly lion cubs become hyena food, but sees a parallel between an indifferent nature and repressively low interest rates that punish savers.
Concealment, what Derrida calls "effacement" and what Kant calls "subreption," is the means through which the sublime can be co-opted and deployed repressively.
That the state was only responding repressively to the unrest and criticism further escalated the situation.
And yet this shifting ground, and the further moves to right, left, and centre that would unfold over the course of the 1940s, actually played into the ways in which the Communist Party ended up handcuffed in its capacity to resist the tide of reaction that swept it repressively into particular corners in the 1950s.
Hate" may be a strong word for Ramsey's on-air comments, (although he characterises his long tirades as "rants" quite cheerfully) but in general he has harsh words for big-spending Governments, ("spending like a drunken congressmen" is a frequent simile for fiscal lack of responsibility), socialists, large banks who act repressively towards borrowers, and for people who fail to take personal responsibility for their situations (to the extent to which Ramsey regards them as complicit in their own positions).
The military administration that have ruled the country repressively for half a century have handled this situation very badly for decades and have encouraged this mentality.
She said police were closely watching the security situation in Macedonia and were acting preventively as well as repressively.
The structures of tolerance are repressively framed around the centre and as such reproduce and repromote its hegemony (e.
More importantly, the general worker strikes, which were the result of popular sentiment contesting the indignities and repressively exploitative colonial slate, draw the unmistakable link between labor strikes and nationalist movements.