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Causing or inclined to cause repression.
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President Sirleaf recounted on the call she made to journalists, re-emphasizing her commitment to remove one the repressive Acts from the PRC regime, Degree 88 A.
The Mirwaiz termed the diktat as repressive and anti-Kashmir stating that like all the repressive moves adopted by the successive regimes in the past failed on ground, the fresh move will also meet the same fate as the affiliation of every segment of Kashmiri society towards the freedom movement runs deep.
President Macron should refuse to continue France's disgraceful policies of indulgence toward al-Sisi's repressive government," Human Rights Watch (HRW) France director Benedicte Jeannerod said in a statement.
RAMALLAH, May 7, 2017 (WAFA) -- For the 21 st day in a row, about 1800 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are continuing the ae1/4oeBattle of Freedom and Dignityae1/4Ci hunger strike amid strict repressive measures by the Israeli authorities to break their strike.
The Repressive Factors of the USSR's Internal Policy and Everyday Life of the Belarusian Society (1944-1953)
Let them give the honors to him, said Pimentel, who as an opposition figure bitterly fought the repressive Marcos regime.
The resurrection of the state's repressive apparatus on the heels of 30 June did not only include the ascent of state security institutions, it also included judicial and political authorities.
Contract notice: Public contract for the supply and installation of repressive road radar devices on the network wallon.
He accused the latter of taking the law into her hands to issue a repressive decision.
On Monday, the Prisoners' Affairs Commission stated that prisoners in the Nafha Israeli prison have declared a state of rebellion and disobedience against the Prison Service and its repressive management.
The Centre which has been documenting Bahrain regime's many grave violations against its people has stressed that since 2011 the authorities have violated over 2000 people's human and/or civil rights, making Bahrain one of the most repressive regime in the Arabian Peninsula.
China will have to go back to the drawing board and take a long, hard look at its repressive policies towards the Uighur Muslims who inhabit large swathes of its Xinjiang province.