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1. To place in another position, as during an operation.
2. Synonym(s): reduction (1)


Etymology: L, reponere, to put back
the restoration of an organ or body part to its natural position, as repositioning an inverted uterus or changing the position of the jaws.


Laparoscopic surgery The changing of a Pt's position during a procedure to improve access or visualization of the operative field, which may be linked to complications, as it changes anatomic planes of operation. See Laparoscopic surgery.


1. The restoration, by surgical or manipulative procedures, of a part to its normal anatomic relation.
Synonym(s): repositioning.
2. chemistry A reaction involving a gain of one or more electrons by a substance.
3. Surgical procedure to reduce size.
[L. reductio, fr. re-duco, pp. ductus, to lead back]
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The promise of drug repositioning is now driving Big Pharma and Biotech to focus over 50% of its R&D activity into the approach.
The cost savings, accelerated path to market, and lower risks that repositioning brings relative to traditional discovery are attractive to Big Pharma, which has thus far been filling pipeline gaps by in-licensing, a practice which has become more expensive as competition for candidates increases.
Repositioning approaches: technology platforms enabling a systematic approach to finding new uses for drugs; use of animal models, cell-based assays, computer simulations, and database analyses pathway-based approaches; the "hypothesis-free" approach.
Companies active in these areas will continue to be involved in repositioning projects for the foreseeable future
Gene Logic's Drug Repositioning Program seeks to find alternative development paths for drug candidates with good safety records that have been de-prioritized or discontinued in clinical trials.
The repositioning of One Gateway Center represents an extraordinarily significant moment in Newark's history," said Robert R.
Michael Draper, Chief Financial Officer of the Partnership's general partner said "This transaction and the anticipated reinvestment of the proceeds will allow us to accomplish each of the objectives of our portfolio repositioning initiative.
JEMB's intensive repositioning efforts of 75 Broad Street, has made it the ideal location for a variety of uses, including corporate, mission critical and government offices.
a national real estate investment and management services company specializing in the acquisition, repositioning, management and disposition of high-growth properties based in Irvine, announced today the sale of a multifamily portfolio consisting of eight properties totaling approximately 2,400 units to CORE Realty Holdings LLC of Newport Beach, Calif.
Transwestern's leasing efforts in 28 West 44th Street over the past year means that SL Green won't have to launch anything close to a massive repositioning effort.
Performance for Gene Logic's Drug Repositioning Division remains on track, and the Preclinical Division is expected to show substantial improvement over the prior quarter.