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1. To place in another position, as during an operation.
2. Synonym(s): reduction (1)


Etymology: L, reponere, to put back
the restoration of an organ or body part to its natural position, as repositioning an inverted uterus or changing the position of the jaws.


Laparoscopic surgery The changing of a Pt's position during a procedure to improve access or visualization of the operative field, which may be linked to complications, as it changes anatomic planes of operation. See Laparoscopic surgery.


1. The restoration, by surgical or manipulative procedures, of a part to its normal anatomic relation.
Synonym(s): repositioning.
2. chemistry A reaction involving a gain of one or more electrons by a substance.
3. Surgical procedure to reduce size.
[L. reductio, fr. re-duco, pp. ductus, to lead back]
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