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Such studies will improve the knowledge for establishing future recommendations for dairy replacement heifers.
Early reports from sales across parts of the South put prices $100 to $150 higher on replacement heifers, compared to a year ago.
Constraints to rearing replacement heifers on these farms ranged from high losses due to disease and malnutrition through to inadequate breeding services and credit.
Calculations were made for farmers who run replacement heifers on the same farm as their milking herd and for farmers that have them reared off farm.
The farm has grown from a 12-cow, 360-acre farm into a complex of 2,300 acres with more than 2,000 dairy cows and 1,500 replacement heifers.
We will have more than 300 beef breed replacement heifers on view to make farmers aware what is on offer in the marketplace," said NBA chief executive Robert Forster.
Mr Hughes said: "Sexed semen proved extremely popular in this project to breed replacement heifers.
When herd screening is not an option, susceptible animals such as breeding cows and replacement heifers can be vaccinated.
The replacement heifers are managed on similar commercial lines, while cull cows are fed the same TMR on an ad lib basis to reduce time to finishing and maximise weight gain.
The newly-formed subsidiary will specialize in the custom low-cost production of high-quality replacement heifers, said Pete and Penny Horne, owners.

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