repetitive DNA

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re·pet·i·tive DNA

a segment of DNA that consists of a linear array of multiple copies of the same sequence of nucleotides.

repetitive DNA

copies of specific short DNA sequences present many times in the eukaryotic GENOME. See HIGHLY REPETITIVE DNA, MODERATELY REPETITIVE DNA.
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Caption: Telomeres, protective caps at the ends of chromosomes, are made up mostly of repetitive DNA and proteins.
Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences that sit at the ends of chromosomes and serve a protective function to make sure cells do not lose valuable genetic information each time they divide.
Repetitive DNA elements in the Murrah BAC clone sequence were identified by RepeatMasker (http://www.
This structure of 6 Gbp is divided into 23 pairs of chromosomes (diploid cells) and these highly regionalized sequences introduce complex patterns of regularity and irregularity to understand the gene structure, the composition of sequences of repetitive DNA and its role in the study and application of life sciences.
The first part addresses mechanisms of evolution in the genus, including host influence, recombination, repetitive DNA sequences, and study of these processes through genomics and transcriptomics.
Birds have much less DNA than mammals primarily because they do not possess nearly as much repetitive DNA," he noted.
After completely sequencing the immensely repetitive DNA in the human genome's one million nucleotide-long immunoglobulin heavy (IGH)-chain locus, these scientists have also found ethnicity may influence immunity.
A simple method for estimating global DNA methylation using bisulfite PCR of repetitive DNA elements.
The resulting defect in DNA repair causes substantial variability in the length of known segments of repetitive DNA, a phenomenon called microsatellite instability.
Use of repetitive DNA sequences and the PCR to differentiate Escherichia coli isolates from human and animal sources.
Telomeres are a region of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes, which protects the end of the chromosome from degradation and fusion.

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